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You know what everybody loves about Lino's Sofa Bed? That darn little storage cabinet underneath the sofa!

The Sofa Bed (Dile)

Available in double or queen size bed (same price).




to Residential










Available in fabric colors: Cream, Sky Blue, Dark Green and Bordeaux - available in all six Melamine colors. See color cards below. An option at no additional cost, would be for you to send us 8 yeards of your fabric for the sofa.

Priced with standard 6" mattress $4,984.

Increase to 12" mattress (AND, 6" increase depth of system) $775.

Total system with thicker mattress (fob: Denver) $5,759.



Double bed opens vertically through sofa. Metal frame finished aluminum color supports wooden slat foundation for bed.

A simple intuitive system safely lifts and lowers the double bed. Ready for use without moving any object from shelf or bed.

Wall fastening is mandatory.

Fabric Color Choices   Colors from Europe


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